AIR® Aerial Fitness

Oh my goodness!! AIR® Aerial Fitness is AMAZING! Today was my first Aerial Fitness class, in Charlotte, and I had so much fun! I think I need to build a hammock in my home, for extra practice! Although my first time was challenging (but super fun), it gave me a good mix of pilates, core, deep stretching, balance and strength training. I took the AIR® Flow class with Kerri, and she was amazing! She was very helpful, and made little ol'me feel comfortable, even on my first attempt. AIR® Flow gave me a really good full body stretch, and allowed me to be in tune with my body. If you enjoy yoga and pilates, or even like trying new things, this class is for you!


The atmosphere and space is so neat and peaceful. I couldn't help but notice how amazing the hammocks were arranged (I love a fancy studio space)! I was just so excited to finally get to take a class, and hop in a hammock! There's enough space in the room for you and your neighbor to enjoy the class, and get a good workout. 


Anyone interested in spicing up your workout regimen, I HIGHLY recommend AIR® Aerial Fitness! The next class on my list is the AIR® Foundation, to perfect my hammock skills. If you're in the charlotte area, and would love to join me, leave a comment and we can swing in the AIR together :)  Check out the website at  AIRFITNOW for all locations or schedule your next class here (if you're in the Charlotte area). 


AIR® Charlotte - Myers Park // 1043-C Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC (near Harris Teeter)