After doing much reading and research over the years, I've learned that women of color have a lower level of physical activity, than any other race. African Americans, in general, are considered the minority group to be at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Of course our diet plays a big role in this. If you're anything like me, your family consumed a lot of butter, sugar, fried foods, and salt. Soul food is apart of our culture. But it's our biggest problem! If we continue to consume unhealthy foods, and live a sedentary lifestyle, we will see an increase of health-related issues in women of color, and a shorter life expectancy. Common health conditions for women of color are diabetes, being overweight or obese, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Ladies, we have to reevaluate our diet, because I know we all want our Black Girl Magic to shine for eternity! The lack of physical activity for any woman is detrimental. But for women of color, it's important that we make it our priority to put our health first, to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Yes, we do have organizations and meet up groups that promote health among women of color, but we still have work to do! I hear black women say, "I love me, just the way I am!" And that's great! But we should be able to love ourselves and STILL strive to be healthy and fit! No matter your shape, height or size. I encourage my black sisters, relatives, friends and coworkers all the time to protect their heart, and be active. To read more, subscribe for the April E-Newsletter at

                         Black Girl Magic,

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