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It's been a full year and a lot of fun in my first year of running Just B'n Fit. I've had my ups and downs, setbacks, and in between. Catch this post on the lessons I've learned in my first 365 days! 



Need help maintaining those fit goals during the holiday season? Here are 5 tips for a Jolly FIT holiday!

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Today, it's all about stretching and relaxing. Take a look at this post, to understand why you stretch and how you can stretch. Remember, the more you stretch, the better you feel!


Get Fit With Five: Workout laziness

Sometimes jumping out of bed to exercise is not the easiest thing in the world! But a little motivation can shift our attitude and energy in the right direction! Check out these 5 steps to shake your workout laziness!


Train n' Style x JoyLab!

Fall is here, and the fit gear just got better with the JoyLab Collection x Target! Check out my fall look details here! Ladies get ready to fill your cart!


Reflection: Another year down...

This past weekend was truly amazing, and today I took time to reflect on how amazing year 27 ended. Read more on my reflection on year 27, and how grateful I am to embark on year 28!

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It's all in your head!

If there's anything that will stop us from living in our healthiest days, its our state of mind!!! Find out how you can find your mental toughness in 3 powerful steps!


Sweatin' to a Trap Beat

Check out this blog on my new tank for my fit queens, and my favorite playlist to jam to!! This blog is fun and all about what music gets me pumped in the gym!


Unplug...Life's better that way!

It's so easy for us to get caught up in our daily news feed on Facebook, reply to all the messages on Instagram, and snap every move we make from sun up to sun down. Let's unplug from all things considered chaos, starting now!

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Deskercise with Bre!

Check out this blog for tips on a mood booster fit break during the work day! This will surely cure the neck, back, and butt pain from all the sitting! 

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National Fitness Day

In honor of National Fitness Day, here are a few workouts you can do in celebration of being healthy and fit!

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