Individual & Small Group Training.jpg
  • Structure a program designed for weight management.
  • Provide programs to strengthen core, and improve flexibility.
  • Help create lifestyle changes for physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Be your accountability partner, and motivate you to be physically fit.
  • Educate clients to understand the importance of fitness.
  • Create a space for building relationships through movement.
  • Body measurements and nutritional support provided.
  • Specialize in bootcamps (cardio-based, core-based, HIIT, Tabata, etc.).
  • All fitness levels can participate (modifications given).
  • Women and Men can participate.
  • SGT & Bootcamps held in the state of North Carolina (specifically Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro & surrounding areas).

*For questions, please refer to the contact page*

  • Provide online clients with a program design that will help which health goals, virtually
  • Weekly check in's to hold client accountable for getting the work done.
  • 24/7 coaching support during online program
  • Body measurements and nutritional support provided.


Training with Bre was a life changing experience! We incorporated one-on-one Skype sessions to get the job done. There were absolutely no excuses!
Bre worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals and inspired me along the way. Through Bre’s leadership and motivational skills, I was able to lose over 25 pounds, while building muscle in the process.
The thing I enjoyed most about training with Bre is that she is so humble and down to earth. She has such a pleasant and motivating attitude that inspires you to want to become a better person!
I am leaner and I know I am stronger! My endurance has improved, along with overall exercise performance!

When you begin to see progress, don't stop there! KEEP GOING!"


"You have to do the work in order to get results!"


"Change happens when you change your attitude!"


"In order to change the external, you have to take care of the internal!"