Lift. Train. Inspire

“I believe fitness can happen anywhere. There’s no limit to where you have to start your journey, just start…”

My name is Bre, and I’m the curator and health coach for the Just B’n Fit movement. I’ve been health coaching men and women to success for over 6 years, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I’m super passionate about helping others fall in love with fitness! I enjoy coaching others to see beyond the external results, and really focus on the emotional and mental changes that’s discovered along the way! Once you’re able to master the mindset, the physical changes will surely come!

Where fitness is fun and accessible for everyone!

I’m a lover of movement, pushing beyond limits, and crushing goals! #healthyheartmindbody





“Bre worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals and inspired me along the way. Through Bre’s leadership and motivational skills, I was able to lose over 25 pounds, while building muscle in the process”

“The thing I enjoyed most about training with Bre is her humbleness, and down to earth spirit. She has such a pleasant and motivating attitude, that inspires you to want to become a better person.”

“Emotionally I feel a lot better! And I’m more confident in my physical capabilities.”

“Training with Bre was a life changing experience. We incorporated one on one skype sessions to get the job done! There were absolutely no excuses!”

“I’m down a dress size”

“My attitude about working out has improved!”

“I’m leaner and I know I’m stronger!


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