5 Tip Friday: A Jolly Fit Christmas


I hope you have enjoyed your Friday so far! For those of you that will be in the holiday spirit, I hope you enjoy your time with loved ones, relax a lot, and live in the moment!  This time of year is one of my favorites, because you get to enjoy your family and friends, eat your favorite holiday dish, and reflect on all the good times! But while you enjoy, don't forget to maintain those health goals! Studies show that excessive eating is the cause of additional weight gain. Around this time of year, people spend more time at the table, and less time being active! Here are some tips that we help you find your balance for the holiday!

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Fill it Up or Plan it Out!
You know the saying, "my eyes must've been bigger than my stomach." Yeah, don't let that be you! Before you pile your plate up with loads of food, take a moment to decide on what you really want to eat, and try to add healthier options on your plate. If you find it difficult to find a healthy option, either prepare your own healthy option to bring to the table, eat something before you go (to prevent overeating), or have smaller portion sizes. Moral: Don't eat until your full & and find balance on your plate!

Dump the couch...and walk it out!
It's very easy for us to catch the itis post dinner time. But before you take that holiday nap, go for a walk to burn some of those calories! Be as active as you can during the holiday break. Commit to moving around for at least  20  to 30 mins each day.

Game Time!
Playing games is another way to stay active! Playing charades, freeze dance, taboo, or games that require movement, is fun for everyone! Many families take this route because it doesn't feel like exercise! Playing active games with your family is a healthy and fun way to move!

Do not stress...be jolly!
Now, for my folks that love to plan BIG for Christmas, do not stress about what you couldn't find for a gift, or what dish you couldn't make! It's okay! One thing that can ruin your holiday joy, is STRESS! If there is something that did not work out, don't worry about it! I'm sure you've already done enough to make it a great Christmas for all to enjoy! Just relax, sit back and enjoy the moments shared with others! Mental health is so so important, and the smallest things that we stress over, can have an affect on us mentally.

Not too much bubbly!
Enjoy the alcoholic beverage, but monitor how much booze you drink! Along with our food, we want to make sure that we don't over do it! That just means we have more work to do in the gym, when it's all over! Balance those drinks out with some water, and non-alcoholic beverages in between!

Let's all have a Jolly FIT Christmas & New Year!


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