It's All In Your Head!!!

If there's anything that will stop us from living in our healthiest days, its our MIND!!! Cutting back on your favorite snacks, and exercising right after a stressful work day, is probably not the greatest thing to do right now. Let alone think about! But I promise you, that the 50-year old or 80-year old YOU, will thank you later!! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, this morning I mentioned that if we work on our mental now, we can take care of the physical (internal & external). And trust me, this goes beyond healthy living. Mental toughness can be applied to all aspects of our lives! I'm sure you can recall a moment where you had to get something done, and didn't want to do it! I know, I have plenty stories of my own!

But the point is, we have to understand our "WHY," in order to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. If we can't figure out WHY we should eat better, exercise, or check our health numbers on a regular, we will continue to think it's okay to put our health on the back burner! Don't ever think that your decisions now, pertaining to your health, will never catch up to you. Because it will! I'm here to help you figure this thing called MENTAL TOUGHNESS out, so you don't have to live your life continuing to make unhealthy choices! Here are some tips on how your mind can change your body!


 Let's stop and reflect on our own thoughts and focus on why we want to add more exercise to our week, or put the greasy foods down. If we can't understand the importance of exercise and nutrition, then the motivation to make those changes will never happen. Think about what you're doing now that's causing you to hit a road block in your health goals. What's stopping you from reach those goals? What can you do to avoid road blocks? And WHY do you want to change? 


We have to filter out all of the negative thoughts we have, and think about the positive benefits of healthy living. Once you manipulate your thinking, your behavior will change! You have to wake up every morning with positive affirmations in your heart, to avoid talking yourself out of getting that workout done, or skipping lunch at a fast food restaurant with the co-workers (I know it can be tempting)! Remember, you're not proving anything to anyone but YOURSELF! Positive self-talk is everything! Tell yourself "I'm going to be better...I won't let this get the best of me...And I will accomplish my goals, whatever it takes!"


Now that you've figured out WHY you should make physical and nutritional changes, you have to figure how to maintain your mental toughness!! One of the best ways to stay motivated, is to network with health enthusiasts, or people just like you, that want to be healthy. They will not let you give up, and will always remind you of WHY you should keep going! Pairing up with someone with a motivational drive, will increase your likelihood for taking your health to the next level! Think of 3 people that you could link up with that will motivate you today! Once you figure that out, connect with them, and start exercising or meal prepping together! 


Mental toughness is when you

can find fuel in an empty tank.