From Frizzy to Fancy


Now I won't say I have all the answers to how to go from Frizzy to Fancy. But, I can share what works for me, when it comes to protecting my hair during workouts. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or know me personally, you know I have no problem changing my hair from braids, to bobs, to curls, to pixie cuts! I love changing my protective styles, so I don't get bored. Because I workout at least 5 times a week, I have to make sure that I protect my hair from all the sweating I do.

My top 2....

protective styles that I love are braids and pixie cuts! I found both to be very low maintenance, cut to style after a workout, and fun styles to wear! I generally keep my hair shorter in the spring and summer months, because of my outdoor workouts and less time in the mirror. 

What Works for Bre...

Some protective tips that work for me during workouts are

  1. Pulling hair back into a loose pony tail or bun
    1. Help with keeping hair off your neck, and keeping it cool
    2. Help reduce amount of sweating
  2. Braid your hair down, and wig it out!
    1. Braid hair down and grab your "gym wig" to keep from sweating your hair out, and feeling like you have to redo it every night.
    2. Maybe ask your hair stylist to braid your hair down for you, and help find the best gym wig!
  3. Pin curl, wrap or flat twist your hair before you workout
  4. If you plan to do outdoor workouts, don't exercise directly under the sun! Find a shady area, and grab a visor or cap, to protect from sun exposure and lots of sweating. If you sweat a ton, like myself, pull your hair back and pin under a visor/cap. 
  5. To minimize the amount of sweating, keep a cool towel around your neck during workout, or have it close by to wipe your face, forehead/along edges, and neck.

Once I finish my workout, and I'm super sweaty, I let my hair air dry, before I restyle my hair, without blow drying. Too much blow drying can damage the hair. Ladies, don't let the sweat stop you from exercising! Try the tips above when you need help going from Frizzy to Fancy!


Comment below and tell me

how you protect your hair!