Deskercise with Bre!

Do you sit for more than 6-7 hours a day in the office? Sitting for countless hours answering the phone and/or catching up on emails around the clock? I know exactly what you need......DESKERCISE!!! You've probably heard of the term, but if you haven't, deskercise (or desk exercises) is very beneficial for anyone that spends TOO much time in the chair at work! If you work from home, this can apply to you too!! I know what it's like to sit in the office for hours at a time, forgetting to breath and shake the stress of my workload. There's been days where I've worked 8 hours straight, and the only time I moved was for lunch to grab food! After too many days of back pain and headaches, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get up and move and change up the energy in the room! Turn your office into a gym in less than 30 minutes!

Why Deskercise?


All the tension in your body! Deskercise will help release all the pain you feel in your lower back, neck, legs, and buttocks.


Allow your body to relax. Give yourself a chance to step away from work responsibilities, to focus on your physical and mental health. Sometimes bringing a blanket, yoga mat, or towel to keep in your office for break time is good for a quick 30-min meditaition break. Just dim the lights in the room and lay in the floor and relax!


Stop & recharge! Take a minute to gather yourself. Prepare your mind for the rest of the day. 

After Deskercise.....

  • You should have less tension in your body when you leave work
  • Lower stress levels
  • Minimal to no headaches and body aches during and after work.
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased alertness (not as groggy)

DESKERCISE WORKOUT (view video for demo)

15 min (2 Rounds) or 30 min (3 Rounds)

10 Push Ups + Shoulder Taps

10 Lunges

:10 second Run in Place

10 Steam Engine

10 Squat + Jab Cross

10 Roundhouse Kick + Squat

10 Chair Taps




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