Reflection: Year 27

This past weekend has truly been one to remember! From having absolutely nothing planned for my birthday, to celebrating in two cities, I can say it was a great weekend! On Friday, August 4th, I celebrated my 28th (TWENTYGR8) birthday! Woot Woot! I was so appreciative of everyone that came near and far to help me bring in a new year of life! Today, I had a "WOW" moment on my way to my clients this morning. This weekend showed me how much love surrounds me! More than I knew actually. And I'm truly grateful.

Every year, you get the "So, how do you feel?" question. And I never know what to say. It's an unexplainable feeling I guess. But today, I can say how proud I am of the woman I've become, and all that I've done at 27. I've....

  • MOVED to the Charlotte area to embark on new opportunities and network with like-minded individuals. Once I graduated, I knew I wanted to move to Charlotte, because I enjoy the city and all it has to offer! I've met some trainers, made new clients and I've explored the city so much within the last year! 
  • STARTED my fitness and lifestyle blogging site! Having this site has connected me to some wonderful people, and allowed me to share my passion for fitness and healthy living. I'm so proud of the attention the site is getting, and how much it's blossomed since January! My site is 8 months old!!!



      • CREATED my own fitness apparel line. I adore workout clothes! It's like 90% of my closet. This by far is one of my BIGGEST accomplishments. Becoming an LLC, and starting my own fitness apparel line, has truly been an amazing experience! Talk about SCARED! I was unsure of the response I would get when I made my first announcement, but it was received very well! People have supported the line since day one, and I'm so glad! This line would not be possible without the right people in my corner, helping with execution and business advice. Want to get me a gift? Just support my apparel line here!

      I'm just so blessed. I'm a year older, full of energy, vision, and promise! And a very hard working woman! I'm only 4 days in as a 28-year old boss (<--speak those things), and I'm ready to live out the next 361 days doing what I love! 


      Love, Peace, &

      Birthday Cake!






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