Get Fit with Five : Workout Laziness

5 steps to shake the workout laziness!

I think it's safe to say that sometimes it's tough getting motivated to wake up early for a 5:00 am workout, or head to the gym after a long day at work! Yes, we have a million fit goals we want to reach, and sometimes it's not always easy getting pumped up to work towards those goals. For some, the energy comes naturally. But for others, it takes a little push and a daily reminder that you can't sit on the couch every day of the week! From experience, I know how it feels to just pass by the gym and go straight home (not encouraging that at all!!). I've been there! But we can make the workout laziness go away, if we figure out what works best for us, when it comes to workout motivation! For this week's GET FIT WITH FIVE, check out these 5 steps to shake workout laziness!

1) Make realistic goals

Before you jump into any workout regimen, you have to evaluate your goals, and figure out why you really want to do this. Setting realistic goals will prepare you mentally and physically for your workout regimen. Losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time, is not a realistic goal. But if you set a goal, give yourself a few weeks to a month to reach that goal, then you will not be as discouraged as you would be, if you're goal was to lose 15 pounds in two or three days. You have to remember that things don't happen overnight. But if you stick to your plan, eat healthy, and have a positive attitude during the process, you will meet your goal. Realistic goals show how dedicated and serious you are about living a healthier lifestyle. 

2) Share your journey

Sharing your fitness journey with your friends, family, colleagues, and your social media pals builds your confidence, and stirs up an ounce of motivation for you to keep going! Having that support and seeing the "keep it up," "I'm so proud of you," and "you're motivating me" comments, really takes your dedication to a different level. You see that you're not in this alone, and that someone is watching you. Once you let people walk with you on this journey, your mindset goes from "I don't think I can do this," to "they believe I can, so I know I can!" It's nothing like having a team to back you when you don't feel like going after your goals! That positive energy will win over laziness any day of the week!

3) Compete and Challenge yourself

Maybe your body is ready for something different! Maybe it's calling for an extra push, because the every day gym routine has reached it's expiration date. Start or join a 7-day or 30-day fitness challenge to spice up your workout! This will keep the fire burning inside of you! Challenges are great for testing your progress and trying new things! The body loves when you change things up. With change, comes growth! You can also add a Spartan Race, or a 5K to your fitness goal for the year! Bringing something new to the table is always great for workout laziness!

4) Skip the gym....Go outside!

I'm a big fan of outdoor workouts! I love being able to take a bike ride, go to the park, or even run through downtown to move! Maybe you've become super lazy because you just can't do the gym environment anymore, and need to take your workout elsewhere! TAKE IT OUTSIDE! Summer is here, so why not enjoy your workout under the sun? Plus, you can get so creative with your workouts outside! If you live in an active city like me, some parks have fit zones with different workout stations for you to enjoy! 

5) Update your playlist!

Now I don't know anyone that can workout without music! It's nothing like having a good shuffle of upbeat and energetic tunes, to get you through your workout! If you're anything like me, you update your library on a daily basis, just to make sure you have the right beats to run, lift, and squat to! Maybe you just need to update your playlist to the latest jams, or add some old school jams that you forgot about! Believe it or not, music is very beneficial during exercise. There's science behind the music. To learn the science behind music, check out my blog post, "Sweatin' to a Trap Beat". But whatever you do, just don't forget your headphones!! 






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