Get Fit With Five: My Top 5 Fit Apps

If you're anything like me, you like to read up on the latest and most popular fitness trends of today! Exercise apps are probably one of the most popular tools used for young professionals, students, busy moms, for quick and easy workouts, and people that just need help figuring out what to do! Not everyone can make it to the gym, but we can all give ourselves 30-45 minutes a day to exercise. No matter what! Exercise apps are just as beneficial as going to the gym for a quick workout! You can pull your phone out and get in shape at home, at the park, on your break at work, or right on the sandy beach! The same goals that you have when you walk into the gym, are the same goals you can reach using an exercise app! Many apps have your favorite cardio, core, and strength training workout! Check out my TOP 5-FREE picks for the best exercise apps for the gym, the outdoors, and the living room!


This by far is the best app I've ever used! I'm not just saying this because Nike is on of my favorite brands, but the workouts are INSANE and INTENSE! It's nothing like turning on your phone to workout to a pre-organized workout, just for you, and see one of your favorite athletes training with you! Nike did an excellent job with collaborating with the most elite athletes in the nation, to lead the workouts! I love that NTC gives us explosive movements and workouts, and continuously adds a new face to the app! Many apps you come across will differentiate between an advanced trainer or beginner, as well as equipment to no equipment. Nike does an excellent job with both, and also provides you with workouts as short as 20 minutes to 60 minutes! Thank you NIKE!


Pick Your Plan: Instead of finding a random workout, you can join a plan on the app to get in shape for 4 weeks or 8 weeks!


Sworkit is a very neat app for beginners! This app can customize your workout based on your personal goals, and allow you to be guided with a plan, or choose your own individual workout! Sworkit has a variety of plans you can choose from, and you can even set reminders for planned exercise times! Cool right? That way, you will never forget to exercise! If you want to perform specfic exercises to target certain muscle groups, you can download many styles of Sworkit like Ab & Core Sworkit, Stretching Sworkit, Butt Sworkit, Upper Body Sworkit, and Lower Body Sworkit! I mean it works EVERYTHING!


To work specific muscle groups, download Ab & Core Sworkit, Stretching Sworkit, Butt Sworkit, Upper Body Sworkit, or Lower Body Sworkit! Have kids? Download Sworkit Kids!


DOWN DOG is my go to for a peaceful yoga session! Down Dog makes me feel like I'm in a real yoga class, with a room full of yogi experts! You can practice as quick as 15 minutes, to 80 minutes. The app includes a playlist during your practice that you can change at any time! For my beginners, that don't have a clue what a downward facing dog or what a chaturanga is, you can use the Pose Breakdown option, to learn more about each pose! With simple and easy instructions, provided through video and voice over, this app will help you meditate, relieve stress, and increase your flexibility!


The pose breakdown is a great feature to practice and learn more about each pose! The first step to becoming a yogi expert! 


Are you looking for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? Then you should try KEELO! Keelo is a great app for HIIT! This style of training allows you to burn calories, sweat it out, and work hard in a short period of time! Keelo provides you with 16 FREE workouts you can do in the gym, outside or at home. You can compare this app to a small version of CrossFit! Majority of the workouts can be finished under 30 minutes (that's a BONUS)! The app will suggest a monthly plan, but you do not have to purchase, unless you choose to! I always go for the free 16 workouts, and interchange when I use the app! Find the BEAST in you, and train with KEELO!


My favorite feature on this app are the graphics and video! They do a great job with quality of video and clarity on the app!


Now, I had to throw this one in the line up because i just LOVE this app! It's not an app you would use for home workouts, but it will introduce you to some cool classes in your city! MINDBODY is a great app for finding new and fun workout classes in your city! I use this app to find the nearest Aerial Fitness class, Yoga class, Crossfit session, or Spa! The app allows you to search for classes in your location, based on style of training, beauty or wellness service. The best part is being able to schedule and book your service right on the phone! Early booking is always convenient, and it secures your spot!


If you ever get BORED, or need a new workout, download MINDBODY to explore new ways to move your body!!


Which fit app will you try?

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