Unplug...life's better that way!

Before I dive right in, let's make a promise to ourselves that we will unplug at least one time this week, to remove ourselves from our little chaotic world, full of emails, phone calls, social media, and anything that doesn't require REST! If you're anything like me, you're always on the go, and you could use a much needed unplug session! Unplugging is probably one of the most healthiest things you can do for your body, and most importantly, your MIND! It's so easy for us to get caught up in our daily news feed on Facebook, reply to all the messages on Instagram, and snap every move we make from sun up to sun down. But what's better? Scrolling through your news feed every minute of the hour, or using that time to invest in self-care or much needed downtime? 

Unplugging allows us to disconnect from life's chaos, and things that do not align with our values and goals in life. It's not all about unplugging from our cellphone! I mean, it's okay to have a phone, but what you choose to scroll though and spend time looking at for multiple hours, is where we need to unplug. Lets start here..

Let's unplug from...

  • Unnecessary relationships

  • Schedules and Demands

  • Saying "YES" to everyone (and forgetting to say YES to you)

  • Other devices that take away precious time

  • Expectations of others

  • Habit of comparing and criticizing ourselves


Ways to unplug...

  • Instead of scrolling through social media, meditate for the first 30 minutes of your morning
  • Tea and Book time before bed: (avoid using phone, watching TV, or laptop time all night) 
  • Time spent on the phone, can be time spent creating new healthy recipes for lunch and dinner. Have craft time and create a recipe book
  • Turn off the news: Let your mind be FREE!
  • Spend time with nature and explore new areas in your neighborhood
  • Plant a garden
  • Visit a relative that you have not seen in months!
  • Buy postcards and send to friends and family
  • Wash and detail your car
  • Turn on your favorite jams and do some spring cleaning!